Welcome to the fast paced card game 328!! We combined the best of both worlds with Blackjack and Draw. The game starts with the game asking you to place a bet. The player can place their bet by clicking on the chip demonization they would like. After the bet is placed, the player touches Deal and the game begins. Cards are number Ace=1 – King=13. ?Both the player and the dealer have the option to draw the first card out of the three cards dealt. You may continue to draw to get the highest hand closest to 28 without going over. Once the player is done with their draw, they click the Done button, and the dealer may draw as well. There are several contingencies which control if the dealer draws or not. For example, the dealer may not draw if their score is above 24, or if the player is beating them by more than 13. If the player runs out of money, they can tap on the word ATM which will give another $1000 to play with.


We do not believe in In-App purchases, or in advertising. We are under the strong belief that both of these take away from gameplay. If you enjoy 328, please take a moment to write a review for us in the App Store and let us know what you think, and or how we can improve gameplay!!! You can download 328 in the AppStore by following the link above. Available on the iOS platform and soon to be Macintosh!!!